Joint projects of Serbian and Albanian companies in water sector

Milanović engineering company from Kragujevac, a city in the central Serbia and Albanian company Delia group, supported by Serbian Chamber of Commerce (PKS), signed a Partnership treaty in Tirana on joint work in projects of the construction of water pipe systems and waste water and drinking water treatment plants in Albania.

“Today we made a concrete step  by signing the partnership contract between Serbian company Milanović engineering and Albanian company Delia group on joint work in projects of construction of water pipe systems and waste water and drinking water treatment plants in Albania,”  Marko Čadež, the  President of the Serbian Chamber of commerce said on the occasion of signing the contract ceremony.

Milanović Engineering is partnered with Germany’s MV Engineering, both of which are owned by Bratislav Milanović. Delia Group is owned by Viktor Delia and it is one of the largest Albanian civil engineering companies.

Marko Čadež has pointed out that the dynamics of Serbian-Albanian economic cooperation has increased, the fact that can be verified by sheer number of business forums, fairs and businessmen meetings, as well as by 10% increase of trade in 2016, compared to the previous year. Čadež expects the positive trend to continue this year too.

Serbian and Albanian companies have already signed first industrial waste management contract in October 2016. Business cooperation is developing in dairy industry and trading chains for cosmetic products. Serbia also successfully participated in Tirana Fair. There is a good perspective for further cooperation in infrastructure, dairy industry and tourism, as well as projects in machinery and energy sectors.

Marko Čadež considers regional cooperation, economic empowerment of entire region and common market formation as very significant, which is the reason why the activities of Chambers’ investment forum are committed in that direction. He expects that that will make the whole region more attractive to foreign investors. Serbian Chamber of Commerce’ president said that German companies operating in Serbia are interested to expand their activities to Albania which will create synergy of two national markets.